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"About BNI

BNI business networking is the world's largest professional networking organisation.  This year we hit a milestone. We have now exceeded 225,000 members around the globe and phenomenally, £9.3 billion invoiced business in 2016

Here in the UK & Ireland, over 13,000 members passed over 667,000 referrals worth more than £497 million.

Every week across central London - the UK's most vibrant city, thousands of business people use BNI groups to meet and do business. Many travel from outside of London for the chance to work with their BNI network and develop their businesses across central London..  Members continually make new contacts, meet old friends and generate new business opportunities.

The BNI philosophy is "Givers Gain" ... If I give you business, you'll want to give me business.

As a BNI member, you learn to effectively present your business.  Fellow members get to know your business and you get to know theirs intimately too.  

"It's like having a sales team working for you every day"

The best way to find out how BNI works and what it has to offer you and your business, is to come along as a visitor to one of our weekly groups of business people.  People just like you. 

You'll have the opportunity to pitch your business to members. Many a visitor has walked away with a business referral.  Check out some case studies here 

We'd love the opportunity to welcome you as a visitor at one of our 30+ central London groups.

Simply call Amanda on 01923 777071 or email amanda@bnidirector.com and we'll find a central London group looking for someone in your profession.  Remember to bring lots of business cards - every member will want one.

 Visit a Local BNI Meeting Near You.

Trades and Professions that you’ll find at BNI Central London

How Can BNI Business Networking Help You?

As a BNI Central London member, you'll benefit from practical help from experienced business people who will work with you to generate new, qualified sales referrals and how to excel at business networking.  Each chapter only permits one person per trade or profession, so you won't be in competition with other members.

Members of each of our Central London groups have already learned the value of structured weekly meetings, designed specifically to help their businesses grow and develop.

Every business can benefit from referrals to new customers, connecting with new suppliers and from on going advice and support.  In addition to all the above, members benefit from getting involved in their Power Team.

Power teams

Statistics show that 67% of your BNI business will come from your Power Team.

A Power Team is made up of fellow-chapter members in non-competitive but complimentary professions  i.e. business targeting the same audience.  Members share experience and resources - even work with each other to provide additional services refer one-another and even market to them jointly.

This way, they get more business.  In collaboration, they get bigger and better business by pitching for (and winning) business they couldn't do alone.  

There are many case studies of successful collaborations: you can read a couple here and here

Power Team members share experiences and resources and where appropriate, work together to provide additional services.

We'd love the opportunity to meet you at one of our BNI Business Networking groups in central London.  Call Amanda on 01923 777071 or email amanda@bnidirector.com and we'll find a Central London group looking for someone in your profession. Or, if prefer, enter your details here and we'll do the same thing. 


Keeping You Sharp...Workshops and training by experts 

The world moves so quickly.  Our regular BNI business networking workshops help to keep your knowledge and skills at the forefront of the latest business practices and technology.  You'll sharpen how you present your business; learn marketing and social media best practice; you'll be taught how to network more effectively so that you get the most out of your membership....and much more.

BNI workshops attract members from other London groups, enabling you to widen your contacts network even further.

To see our workshops calendar click here

If you think BNI business networking is just about a weekly meeting - think again.

Wider networking opportunities range from local social gatherings to major annual events featuring inspirational business speakers - people who have built successful companies and are keen to share their success secrets.

If you believe "your network = your net worth" ..

these networking opportunities are invaluable.

Special BNI RatesOur popular London events at major London venues deliver intensive advice and insights as well as exciting opportunities for business networking with other BNIrs plus external attendees, guests and speakers.


Experience for yourself - BNI business networking in central London 

The best way to find out what BNI has to offer you and your business is to come along as a visitor.  There's no obligation to join and you'll meet a dedicated group of business people just like you.

 We look forward to meeting you. Call Amanda on 01923 777071 or email her at amanda@bnidirector.com and we'll find a Central London group looking for someone in your profession.  If you prefer, click here to take a look at where our chapters are located across London then act quickly ...to lock out the competition in your area.   

Remember to bring along lots of business cards.  Every member will want one.  Come build a better business with BNI business networking in central London.